Photo of Alex Cardenas

Alex Cardenas ’20

Admissions Officer, Admissions

Welcome to my bio!  I’m not sure why you’re here…but it’s probably to learn a bit more about me so here we go!


Background: I grew up in sunny Southern California, in the San Fernando Valley (think, around Los Angeles for all you non-Cali folks) and eventually found my way to Carleton as a student in 2016 as a part of the class of 2020.

Carleton Time 

Activities: At Carleton, I was involved with a few things at one point or another.  I spent a few years working for Academic Technology as a support specialist, and with CUBE as a Student Teacher and a Program Manager.  I worked for Admissions for a summer, then for the Career Center as a Student Career Assistant.  Along with a photography job with the Office of Communications. As to clubs, I was Photo Editor for the Carleton for a while, a member of Carleton’s Mock Trial Team, on the board of and then Chair of the Coalition of Hmong Students.  Oh, and I was in Club Tennis too.  

Academics: I originally came into Carleton undecided in my major/path.  I enjoyed the CS course I took but eventually found some cool teachings and professors in Psychology, for which I now I have a degree (somehow).  More important to me, however, is my work with Cindy Blaha in Astronomy.  We worked together to create stunning (imo) images of the night sky, in a self-designed class called ASTR 356: CCD Imaging. My Instagram page for the images made is here: ClexDigital

Post-Carleton: I currently work with the Office of Admissions serving as an Admissions Officer, overlooking multiple territories across the US (a more detailed list can be found here).  

Future: Who knows

At Carleton since 2020.