Everyone needs to be concerned about getting appropriate nutrients in appropriate portions to fuel their body on a daily basis. We all need to participate in physical activities daily as well to use the fuel we ingest to reach all parts of our bodies. Bon Appétit Management Company has many useful tips and links on their “Well-Being” website.


If a student is too ill to go to the dining hall or is being responsible and is practicing social distancing, Dining Services has a sick tray option for students.  Ill students should send a note and their One Card with a roommate or friend to the dining hall and that person will be given a to-go container to take food back to the sick student. If a student is ill for a longer period of time, he/she can work with their Hall Director to submit their ID number to Dining Services so they can keep it on file and then the friend would just need to give the sick student’s name to the checker.

Food Allergies and Other Medical Concerns

If you have any food-related allergies or other medical problems requiring special attention, Dining Services can provide guidance on how to navigate the dining halls or provide accommodation through menu modification.

All serving stations in each dining hall have ingredient lists detailing all of the items that are in each offering. Please consult these at any time if you have any questions about what ingredients are in each dish. Anyone who wishes is welcome to speak with one of the chefs on duty at any time with questions about the food being served. There are also gluten-free stations in both dining halls.

If you wish to contact us regarding food-related allergies or concerns, send an email message detailing the nature of the allergy or other food issue to bonappetit@carleton.edu and the culinary staff will discuss accommodations with you. You may also contact Charlie Schwandt, Dining Services General Manager, directly at 507-222-4066 or Michael Carlsen, Executive Chef, directly at 507-222-4467.