Stories from the Fields on Tuesday, Oct. 5

1 October 2010

As part of its commitment to reform the US food system, Bon Appétit Management Company Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the nation’s leader in sustainable food services, engaged three recent college graduates as fellows to visit local farms that supply the company’s operations through its Farm to Fork program. This semester the Bon Appétit fellows are sharing their transformative food and farming experiences with college students who dine at Bon Appétit cafés across the nation.

Tasked with exploring the challenges of labor issues and sustainability on farms, the fellows are returning to campuses all over the country to share their personal stories about visiting farmers and farmworkers. The fellows will cover issues of working conditions, environmental impact of the food system, and animal welfare on the farms that supply the company’s 400 cafes in 30 states across the country. 

On October 5, Vera Chang (Carleton ’09) will visit Carleton College to present “Stories from the Fields” in the Library Athenaeum at 7pm.   Campus community members interested in learning more about labor and sustainability issues within our food system are encouraged to attend. Desserts and refreshments will be served free of charge at the event.