Pan Asian Station New at LDC

31 March 2011

A culinary journey through Southeast Asia and the influences of its regional neighbors is now on display at East Dining Hall.

The cultures and cuisine are as unique and extraordinary as the areas of Indochina and the Malay and Philippine Archipelagos, commonly known as Southeast Asia.

You’ll find lightly prepared Thai curries with strong aromatics that reflect the culture of nearby India or the herbaceous cookery with Fish Sauce and strong vegetarian tradition echoing Chinese values and Buddhist influences.

There will be food from the Indonesian Islands with the “New World” significance of the seafaring Spanish, Portuguese and the colonizing Dutch blended with dominant Asian accents. The cross-cultural thread of Singapore represents a unifying theme through its cuisine with traces of Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Malayasia and Western traditions to name a few.

Join Chef Michael Delcambre and his staff throughout the term as he presents many tastes and flavors that are represented in this corner of Asia.