Notes from April 2 Dining Board meeting

8 April 2009

All at the meeting agreed that providing documentation of our meetings would allow us to track the progress of change and offer more consistent outreach to the community. The April 2 meeting produced the following discussion points:

  1. Addressed the timely replenishing of hummus at the Salad Bar in the LDC.
  2. Discussed the increased number of students on the meal plan for next year. Some plans to deal with the influx of students include: 1) Continuing the system of having multiple card-swipers during rush hours 2) A bag lunch program, which would be equivalent to a meal at the LDC. Students would stand in line for a prepared lunch and then have their cards swiped. Issues brought up included where this line would be located, and whether students on the 12 meal plan could also use this program. This program would only be run from the LDC, although the possibility of having food kiosks at the Library were discussed.
  3. Discussed the issue with students’ backpacks. One suggestion was to allow students to bring backpacks in once more, and observe the levels of food theft.
  4. Discussed the issue of students sneaking into Burton dining hall. It was suggested that the checker be moved to the bottom of the ramp, where he/she could watch the door near the bathrooms to make sure students weren’t sneaking in. Another possibility suggested was to install an alarm at that particular door.
  5. Addressed changes in the Snack Bar. Bon Appetit is working on a system in which students receive a number after they order, and they sit down and watch as their orders are projected onto a screen. This system should be installed within a week.

    The next Dining Board meeting will be April 16 at noon in the Class of ’51 Room, East Dining Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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