New Meal Plan for Employees and Students

14 September 2010

There is a new meal plan designed for students living on Northfield option and for Faculty and Staff. It features 10 meals per term and $50 in dining dollars. The meal plan can be used during any meal period (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and can be used in either dining hall. The dining dollars can be used in Sayles Café as well as the dining halls. To purchase the 10 meals per term plan, go to the Dining Services website and click on “Purchase the 10 meals per term plan.” The cost of the plan is $115 and can only be purchased using Schillers. Make sure you have enough Schillers available to cover the cost of the plan before placing your order. Need a refresher on Schillers? Find out more on the Campus Services website. The 10 meals per term plan expires at the end of the term and any remaining balances are forfeit.