East Dining Hall to go Trayless 7 Days a Week Next Fall

19 May 2011

At it’s April 7 meeting, CSA Senate adopted a resolution supporting trayless dining all day every day in East Dining Hall beginning August 22, 2011. During the 2010-11 academic year, lunch on Tuesday has been trayless in East and has generally become a routine affair.

Sustainability Assistants Michelle Hesterberg and Alex Lai have shepherded the trayless discussions through Dining Board and Senate during the year and crafted the resolution passed by Senate last month. By measuring food waste at both Burton and East during fall term, they estimate that going trayless will cut food waste by 20% in East. During winter term, they surveyed student attitudes and solicited feedback to the proposition of going trayless every day, not just Tuesday.

An all-campus email will be sent before the end of the term announcing this change for the benefit of returning students and employees, and RAs will communicate the news to the class of 2015 during New Student Week in the fall.

Trays will always be available to anyone who asks for one. A copy of the CSA resolution can be found to the right of this news item.