Dining Services Launches the Carleton Zza

27 April 2010

On Saturday, April 24, the Sayles Café began serving pizza to order. This program is a late night dining option available seven days a week from  9 p.m. to close. Two pizza sizes are available, 12” and 16” and prices begin at $7.95 for a small cheese pizza and $10.95 for a large cheese pizza. Additional toppings may be added for $1 per topping.

Orders can be placed on the phone or in person and payment can be made with dining dollars, Schillers, or cash. If the order is placed on the phone, the caller needs to provide the student ID number in order to pay for the pizza using their Schillers or dining dollars. Students can look up their ID number on the Hub.

Orders need to be picked up in person at Sayles Café. Please call 507-222-5512 for more information or to place an order for the Carleton Zza.