Catering Services update

6 March 2009

As we continue to progress through the transition year in Dining Services, I’m pleased to announce some changes in the catering program based on year-to-date evaluations by Carleton and Bon Appétit of service and selection options. Effective with all contracts written after February 20, the 10% catering service charge has been eliminated. In addition, delivery charges will only be assessed on orders under $35.

During winter term Bon Appétit has been working on revamping the Catering Guide by changing menu items, adjusting pricing, and making the guide more user-friendly. They intend to publish the new guide at the beginning of spring term and offer the new menu items immediately after that. Their goal is to make the catering program more responsive to Carleton’s needs.

As always, comments about Dining Services are welcome at any time. Please send them to Dan Bergeson ( or to Alison Allbritton ( ).