A meal plan for use in Sayles Café is available for students living and working in Northfield over the summer as well as Carleton employees. We will offer a block meal plan that can be used in Sayles Café during the summer. More information regarding the summer meal plan will be available Spring 2021.

Meal plan options are as follows:

  • 10 Meal Plan: $65
  • 20 Meal Plan: $130
  • 50 Meal Plan: $325

There will be an established “Meal Plan Equivalency” for each meal (i.e. there will be a menu specifically for the meal plan, it is not an “all you can eat” program). You can sign up to have the menu delivered to your inbox.

The daily menu will be posted on the Carleton Bon Appétit website. Scroll down to see the daily Sayles Café menu.

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