A meal plan for use in Sayles Café is available for students living and working in Northfield over the summer as well as Carleton employees. We are offering a 10, 20 and 50 meal plan that can be used starting on Tuesday, June 7th. These meal plans are good for any meal period and do not expire at the end of the week. Any meals left at the end of the summer will not be refunded. There are no dining dollars attached to any of the plans.

Due to construction projects, locations for summer meals will move around (either Sayles Café, Schulze Café or LDC). Signs will be posted in all locations directing students and staff to the café or dining hall scheduled to be open that day for summer meals.

Meal plan options are as follows:

  • 10 Meal Plan: $65
  • 20 Meal Plan: $130
  • 50 Meal Plan: $325

The daily menu will be posted on the Carleton Bon Appétit website. You can sign up to have the menu delivered to your inbox.

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