The 5 Meal Plan offers 5 guaranteed meals per week to be used in either Burton or East Dining Hall plus $175 in dining dollars to be used in Sayles Café, Weitz Café and the dining halls. This is the minimum meal plan for those students living in the following houses: Benton, Douglas, Geffert, Hall, Hunt Cottage, Stimson, and Williams. The 5 Meal Plan is also an excellent way for Northfield Option students to dine occasionally on campus, especially during the lunch period or for dinner on a day when the student has a late afternoon meeting or practice and eating at home is an inconvenience.

The student who purchases this plan is the only person who may use the meals on this plan. Dining dollars may be used to make purchases for guests. Unused meals do not carry over to the next week or term. Unused dining dollars are also not carried over from term-to-term.

This meal plan is available to Faculty and Staff as well as students.

2022-2023 academic year: $933 per term, $2,799 per year.