The 20 Meal Plan is Carleton’s full board plan. This plan offers 20 guaranteed meals per week in either Burton or East Dining Hall, three per day Monday through Saturday and two on Sunday, with $75 in dining dollars that may be used in Sayles Café, Weitz Café or the dining halls. An added feature of this plan is the option of using one of the week’s 20 meals as a meal equivalency in Sayles Café. See below for a complete description of how a meal equivalency works.

The student who purchases the 20 meal plan is the only person who may use the meals on the plan. Dining dollars may be used to make purchases for guests. All first-year students are automatically assigned to this plan for the year. Unused meals do not carry over to the next day, week, or term. Unused dining dollars are also not carried over from term-to-term.

2023-2024 academic year: $2,630 per term, $7,890 per year