Dining Dollars

Students on meal plans receive dining dollars as a part of the plan. These dining dollars can be used either in Sayles Café, Weitz Café, Schulze Café, or in the dining halls. Any dining dollars remaining in student accounts at the end of each term will be forfeited.

There are no reimbursements for remaining balances at any time. Dining dollars are active only when students are enrolled full-time on campus.


The OneCard and pre-purchased Schillers may be used in the dining halls, Sayles Café, Weitz Café, or Schulze Café instead of cash. Dining Hall meals paid for with Schillers receive a 20% discount at the door. Purchases at Sayles Café, Weitz Café, and Schulze Café receive a 10% discount at checkout.

Students, faculty members, and staff members may add Schillers to their account at the Bookstore or the Business Office during business hours or add funds online anytime. Learn more about the many uses of Schillers by visiting the OneCard website.

Single meal prices (when using Dining Dollars or cash)

  • Breakfast: $8.27 (tax included)
  • Lunch/Brunch: $10.25 (tax included)
  • Dinner: $14.06 (tax included)

These prices apply to visitors and to students who are not on meal plans or when using dining dollars to entertain guests.