On-Campus Options

For students who want to make their own food, every residence-hall floor is equipped with a kitchenette complete with an oven, microwave, refrigerator, and cabinet space for supplies and ingredients. Carleton’s houses — both the townhouses on west campus and the more traditional homes to the south — have more extensive kitchens still, and one house’s kitchen is even stocked and open 24/7 for students who have a craving for homemade cookies. Finally, there are several grill and bonfire locations on campus for outdoor cooking, spread from the Mini Bald Spot all the way out to the Arboretum.

Off-Campus Options

For a little variety, take a short walk or bike ride into town to sample Northfield’s dining options. You’ll find everything from Indian, Mexican, and Chinese offerings to hot dogs, pizza, and plenty of Midwestern comfort food.

And if you’re up for a short road trip, the Twin Cities area is full of outstanding restaurants!