Dining Board meets regularly to discuss anything related to the food program at Carleton. This is the main place for student input regarding concerns, suggestions, or enhancements to Dining Services.

“The purpose of Dining Board is to keep an open channel of communication between the administration and the student body with a goal of deriving mutual satisfaction from the dining program at Carleton.”

Dining Board members are drawn from the student body and administrative staff. Currently, Dining Board has 3 CSA-approved students-at-large. These Senators are chosen by the Senate based on petitions submitted with an agenda for proposed improvements in the dining program.

Administrative staff representation includes one person from the Residential Life staff, the Dining Services Executive Chef, the Dining Services General Manager, and the Director of Auxiliary Services and Special Events.

Dining Board meetings are open meetings that are advertised in the NNB and on the Dining Services website events calendar. Locations and times vary from term-to-term. 

2023–2024 Dining Board Members


Jesse Cashman [ex officio] [Co-Chair and Convener]
Andrea Robinson [ex officio] [Co-Chair]
Charlie Schwandt [ex officio]
Chris Rohr [ex officio]
Eric Rasmussen [ex officio]
Kelly Rapp [ex officio]
Michael Carlsen [ex officio]
Tanya Hartwig [ex officio]


Alex Tananbaum ’25 [Student-at-Large]
Greg Licholai ’24 [Student-at-Large]