2021-2022 Associates

Miyuki Mihira ’22 (History)

I am a History major and Philosophy minor from Tokyo, Japan, and this will be my second year as a Digital Humanities Associate. I have taken several public history courses and I came to be interested in how technology fosters humanities, making it more accessible to the public. In my leisure time, I enjoy creating art, photography, playing the viola, and taking a walk in the Arb.

Isabel Rameker ’24

Yuhao Wang ’22

Frank G. Valtierrez ’22 (Economics)

I am a junior Economics major and this fall will be my first year working as a Digital Humanities Associate. I have become familiar with digital humanities through a few courses I have taken at Carleton and am extremely interested to learn more throughout the year.

2021-2022 Interns

Martin N. Bernard ’22

Manjari Majumdar ’22

2018-2019 Associates

Alief Moulana ’19 (Biology/Math)

I am a senior biology and math double major interested in pursuing a career as a research scientist where I want to study how microbes evolve. I also have passion for global politics, world history, and languages.

Elizabeth Budd ’19 (History)

Elizabeth is a senior history major excited by the possibilities digital tools create in humanities research and worked as a Digital Humanities Associate 2016-2019. For her own research, she is mainly interested in poverty in late nineteenth-century London and hopes to explore the intersection of lived experience, poverty, and space. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys reading, looking at maps, and doing Sudoku. Read more on the blog!

Zobeida Chaffee-Valdes ’19 (History/Archaeology and Medieval and Renaissance Studies)

Luna Yee ’21 (Computer Science)

Grace Brindle ’21 (History)

2017-18 Associates

Martha Durrett ’18 (Computer Science/English)

I’m a senior Computer Science (digital) and English (humanities) double major (digital humanities!).

Sasha Mayn ’18 (Linguistics)

Senior (feels weird to say!) Linguitics major, Latin minor, programming enthusiast, voracious reader, avid knitter, pun lover.

Ana Yanes Martinez ’19 (Latin American Studies)

I am a junior, Latin American Studies major and Education Studies concentrator. I have an obsession with the magical world of Harry Potter and I am certain my Hogwarts letter was lost in the way. I have a passion for art and cultures, and I love looking for ways in which to combine them with the digital world. You can read more on the blog.

Tyler Chang ’20 (Mathematics)

2016-17 Associates 

Bard Swallow ’18 (Computer Science)

CS major. MARS concentrator. Nerd with a capital N. Owns more books than xe can store reasonably in the summer. Collector of giant stuffed animals.

Qimeng Yu ’18 (Mathematics)

I am a junior at Carleton, majoring in Mathematics. I enjoy working with all sorts of data and digging up the stories hidden underneath. 

Lydia Ding ’17 (Linguistics)

I’m a Linguistics major with a passion for endangered language documentation & revitalization and an interest in using tech to empower social justice movements.   

2015-16 Associates

Graham Earley ’17 (Math/Stats and Computer Science)

I’m a Math/Stats and Computer Science major from the class of 2017. I was led to the digital humanities by my interest in how to apply quantitative and technical solutions to the research questions asked by disciplines other than just math and computer science. I love seeing these two worlds come together.

Benjamin Weiss ’16 (History)

I’m a senior History major, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have other more “digital” interests. I’ve tried a smorgasbord of classes relating to technology, from developing evolutionary algorithms for artificial intelligence to learning how to program synthesized instruments using MIDI. What I love most about the digital humanities is its fusion of topics I’m extremely interested in (e.g. history, literature, etc.) with tools I find fascinating.

Florence Wong ’16 (Studio Art)

I’m interested in intersecting art, technology and other disciplines to design and implement projects tackling current problems in the world, particularly social justice, animal rights and sustainability.

Wanchen Yao ’17 (Computer Science and Economics)

My name is Wanchen Yao and I’m a Computer Science/Economics double major graduating in 2017. I’m interested in saving the world and eating food.

Qimeng Yu ’18 (Math/Stats)

I’m a sophomore math/stats major. My interest in the intersection of technology and humanities is the main reason that I chose to work for DH at Carleton. Working as a DHA has been a wonderful experience so far.