The Digital Arts and Humanities minor identifies robust and sustainable curricular pathways that allow students to connect coursework intentionally and build a coherent set of skills and projects, while engaging critically with the ethical and cultural implications of digital scholarly work and artistic production.

Students in the DGAH minor learn to critically evaluate and creatively employ digital media, engage with emergent research questions related to digital culture and practices, and develop the skills that constitute digital fluency in the twenty-first century.

Learning Goals

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in several disparate digital arts and humanities competencies (e.g. digital communication; data management, analysis and presentation; critical making, design and development)
  2. Learn to reflect critically on the intersection between digital media and methodologies and non-digital materials and texts
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the social, cultural, political and ethical implications of digital technologies, scholarship, and artistic production
  4. Gain hands-on experience with collaborative, creative, and interdisciplinary digital projects and demonstrate an ability to work both individually and in group settings