Departmental Field Trip To The Black Hills
Fall Mid-term Break, 2003

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Photos by Tim Vick, Cam Davidson, Bereket Haileab, Amalia Doebbert '03, and Ben Harrison '03

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Monday, Mary led off the hard-rock day with an introduction to
metamorphic rocks, and we took part of the morning to make observations
on the grounds of Placerville Camp where we were camping. At right, Emily
takes a strike and dip.

A little discussion as the sun warmed up the hillside...

and then it was off to the first road stop in the metamorphics at Pactola Reservoir.

We went over to Mt. Rushmore and looked at the granites on the back side of the famous monument

and had lunch under the watchful gaze of four presidents.

Bereket took us to the Ingersoll Mine

where Callen showed off a huge orthoclase crystal.

Group shot at the Needles,

where Sara led the discussion.

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