Carleton College Department of Geology

Vanadinite, one of over 4000 minerals in the collection

The Kennedy Mineral Collection

The Kennedy mineral collection was donated to Carleton College by Fred Kennedy, a long-time friend of the geology department. Its purpose is to provide researchers with the opportunity to obtain images and information on rare and unique minerals, hard to find anywhere else.

The collection contains 4,000 different mineral species and over 5,000 individual specimens, mostly micromounts.

For more information, to use an image from the web site in a publication, or if there is a mineral you would like a digital image of, please write to Jonathon Cooper.

We regret that we cannot loan out specimens or give away or sell specimens or portions of specimens.

To find a mineral please choose a letter and view the collection list:

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For information regarding the location sites for these minerals click here!


  • Where can I find information on the web about the minerals of the Kennedy collection?
Try, a comprehensive resource for all minerals.