Welcome To The Seven Mile Creek Watershed


Welcome to the Seven Mile Creek Watershed. Located in the Middle Minnesota River Basin in South central Minnesota, the watershed lies east of Mankato and just south of St. Peter, in Nicollet County. (Click on the inset map of MN to locate the watershed within the state.) The watershed comprises 23,551 acres (36.8 sq.miles). Seven Mile Creek (SMC) itself is 6.1 miles long and originates as a series of public drainage ditches, above Highway 99 and west of Route 13. Cultivated lands cover 86% of the watershed, predominantly in the upland region, while 6% has remained deciduous forest, mostly bordering the creek. The Seven Mile Creek Watershed is home to the county's only public park, bearing the same name, which is frequently enjoyed by a variety of recreation seekers. Impressive sandstone bluffs catch the eye of amateur geologists at the park's entrance, and the trout stream running through the park rewards savvy anglers.

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*Unless otherwise cited, all photos on this site are courtesy of Kevin Kuehner, Seven Mile Creek Watershed Project

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