Carleton College Geology Department Comprehensive Exercise Projects

Graduating senior geology majors, their hometowns and titles of integrative comprehensive exercise projects:


Karen M. Aydinian, Spring, TX, "Structural Models for the Geology of the Hanna Basin, Carbon County, Wyoming" (pdf 2.5 mb)

Michael Barrett, Walla Walla, WA, "Kootzna-who? Provenance and detrital history of a mid-Tertiary basin in Admiralty Trough, southeastern Alaska"

Katherine Bovee, Henderson, MN, "Implications from flowstone δ18O and δ13C records for Late Pleistocene paleo-sea-levels, Dead End Cave, Government Quarry, Bermuda " (pdf 4.8 mb)

Karin Brown, Madison, WI, "40Ar/39Ar geochronology of the Silver Hills andesite, Montserrat, West Indies" (pdf 1.8 mb)

Daniel Callahan, Centerville, GA, "Error Reduction in Cave Conduit Modeling" (pdf 0.6 mb)

Matthew Dettinger, Washington, PA, "A borehole video examination of debris within the terminus of a polythermal glacier, Storglaciären, northern Sweden" (pdf 10.8 mb)

Ethan Hyland, Poland, ME, "Paleomagnetic stratigraphy across the Eocene-Oligocene Boundary at Monte Cagnero (Piobbico, Northeastern Apennines, Italy): Correlations to the GSSP at Massignano (Ancona, Italy)" (pdf 2.1 mb)

Hannah Kinzie, Evanston, IL, "Implications of Groundwater Level and Temperature Fluctuations beneath a Newly Developed Subdivision in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin" (pdf 4.1 mb)

Calvin Lieu, Hong Kong, " A Cyclostratigraphic Analysis of the Mid-Cenomanian Event, Avacelli and Furlo, Italy" (pdf 4.2 mb)

Tyler Mackey, Madison, WI, "Ephemeral cementation of beachrock in the Jordan Formation: a case for ice near the Cambrian equator" (pdf 8.6 mb)

Zachary McGuire, Fanwood, MO, "Rotation of Crustal Blocks in Central California based on Paleomagnetic Declination" (pdf 0.9 mb)

Cicely Miltich, Cohasset, MN, "Climate change past and present: Carbon cycle analogs" (pdf 2.8 mb)

Marc Monbouquette, Omaha, NE, "Obliteration of climate signals in an avalanching pile of rice and implications for interpreting stratigraphy" (pdf 8.3 mb)

Dorene Samantha Nakata, Waipahu, HI, "Mapping Volcanism and Tectonism of the Slow-Spreading Lucky Strike Segment (Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 37°17′N)" (pdf 6.5 mb)

John Nowinski, Black River Falls, WI, "Dirt, water, and wine: deciphering soil-water interactions and their implications for viticulture in the Walla Walla Valley, American Pacific Northwest" (pdf 4.2 mb)

Frances Reid, Newport, OR, "Effects of El Niño and the North Atlantic Oscillation on Zinfandel and Primitivo wine quality in Santa Rosa, California and Manduria, Italy" (pdf 0.7 mb)

Elizabeth Ritz, Madison, WI, "Can the stream power law be used to quantify differential landscape evolution from bedrock incision in the Central Alps, Switzerland?" (pdf 0.7 mb)

Samuel Roberts, Leverett, MA, "The Origin of Polish on Pebbles in the Windrow Formation of Goodhue County, Minnesota" (pdf 2.8 mb)

Perry Spector, Aspen, CO, "An Environmental and Time Series Analysis of Pelagosite: a Mediterranean Intertidal Aragonite Crust" (pdf 2.8 mb)

Lydia Staisch, Saint Louis, MO, "Dislocation Modeling and Comparison with GPS Data to Assess Possible Strain Accumulation in the central Lesser Antilles, Commonwealth of Dominica" (pdf 2.8 mb)

Clara Tsang, Hong Kong, "Do secondary magma chambers exist in Mauna Loa’s Southwest Rift Zone? - A Petrologic and Geochemical Analysis of Xenoliths" (pdf 2.8 mb)


Lauren Andrews, Bella Vista, CA, "A Geo-chemical Analysis of Aluminum and Iron Oxides in Little Backbone Creek, Shasta County, California" (pdf 2.8 mb)

Sarah Bergman, Saint Paul, MN, "Late Pleistocene Glacial History and Reconstruction of the Fish Lake Plateau, South-Central Utah: Implications for Climate at the Last Glacial Maximum" (pdf 8.1 mb)

Keith Christianson, Beverly Hills, MI, "δ13C and δ18O analysis of Cenozoic Camelidae tooth enamel, Great Plains, U.S.A." (pdf 9.8 mb)

Nathaniel Dixon, Foster, RI, "Experimental and theoretical hydrodynamic analysis of Mercenaria valves from the Florida Pinecrest beds" (pdf 2.0 mb)

Mark Dyson, Cannon Falls, MN, "TriMan: An interactive tool for modeling earthquakes, with applications to the 1992 Landers and 1999 Hector Mine, California earthquakes" (pdf 1.2 mb)

John Gibbons, Hurley, WI, "Geother-mobarometry of Mid-Cretaceous Plutons from Southeastern Alaska" (pdf 76 mb)

Jacob Gold, West Chester, PA, "Effects of variable land management and topography on soil quality on an agricultural site in Nerstrand MN" (pdf 15 mb)

William Guenthner, Oak Park, IL, "Mafic Microgranular Enclaves in a Coarse Grained Granite, Vinalhaven Island, Maine: Evidence for Magma Mingling and Chamber Evolution" (pdf 142 mb)

Kelly Hereid, Wildwood, MO, "Pyrodinium bahamense var. bahamense cysts as a dinoflagel-late population and depositional environment proxy in Puerto Mosquito, Vieques, Puerto Rico" (pdf 6.0 mb)

Gloria Jimenez, Saint Paul, MN, "Changes in soil carbon cycling across a nitrogen pollution gradient in the San Bernardino Mountains, California" (pdf 0.9 mb)

John Kracum, Chicago, IL, "Study of the release of Ca, Mg, Fe, and Mn from a biologically active soil due to microbial eradication and a chelating agent" (pdf 0.1 mb)

Andrew Lorenz, Birmingham, MI, "Saltwater intrusion in a fractured granite aquifer, Vinalhaven, Maine" (pdf 2.7 mb)

Ross Mitchell, New Fairfield, CT, "Late Cretaceous Paleomagnetic Pole for North America from the Pierre Shale: Implications for Baja-British Columbia and True Polar Wander" (pdf 11 mb)

Kendra Murray, Fly Creek, NY, "Using δ18O of zircon and geochemistry to determine the magmatic evolution and degrees of contamina-tion in Peggy’s Cove monzogranite, Halifax Pluton, Nova Scotia" (pdf 19 mb)

Selena Pang, Wailuki, HI, "Nitrogen Iventory Of Developed Headwaters In Greenville, SC" (pdf 42 mb)

Donald Penman, New York, NY, "Biostratigra-phy of Santonian-Campanian genus Baculites in the Western Interior of North America: Implications for Evolutionary Timing and Migration" (pdf 5.0 mb)

Nicholas Riordan, Anchorage, AK, "A Paleoenvironmental Study of the Nyac Terrane, SW Alaska" (pdf 39 mb)

Megan Rohrssen, Marengo, IA, "Siderite-magnetite oxygen isotope fractionation: A potential iron mineral biosignature" (pdf 6.4 mb)

Ellen Root, Minneapolis, MN, "Characteriza-tion of the Matrix of the Mill Street Conglomerate at Taylors Falls, Minnesota (U.S.A.)" (pdf 14 mb)

Susan Schnur, Switzerland, "An Analysis of the Morphology and Physical Properties of Pillow Lavas of the Nicasio Reservoir Terrane, Marin County, California: Implications for Seamount Formation and Structure" (pdf 3.8 mb)

Daniel Shapiro, Bronx, NY, "Evidence for wide scale climate forcing in the late Pleistocene from a speleothem stable isotope record from Spring Valley Caverns, Fillmore County, Minnesota" (pdf 3.9 mb)

Christina Spence, Tacoma, WA, "Surface-groundwater interactions in a test well field and Spring Creek, Fort Collins, CO" (pdf 3.9 mb)

Cliff Swanson, Los Alamitos, CA, "Macro-scopic and petrographic analysis of silica cementation on the Cambrian-Ordovician boundary strata near Osceola, Wisconsin" (pdf 9.7 mb)

Carl Ulberg, Seattle, WA, "Investigation of Cascadia Tremor Correlation with Earth Tides" (pdf 4.1 mb)

Sarina Yospin, Newton, MA, "Using Gravity for Subsurface Imaging at Ship Rock, New Mexico" (pdf 4.5 mb)


Rachel Brown, Northfield, MN, "A Cyclostratigraphic Analysis of the Eocene-Oligocene Boundary GSSP, Massignano, Italy" (pdf 3.4 mb)

Margaret Doheny-Skubic, Oak Park, IL, "Characterizing groundwater basin flow in a regolith-covered, mantled karst terrain in Northwest Arkansas" (pdf 26 mb)

Kelsey Dyck, Bluffton, OH, "High-resolution δ18O, δ13C and taphonomy records from Acropora cervicornis coral and implications for mid-Holocene climate: Las Clavellinas, Dominican Republic" (pdf 30 mb)

Lee Finley-Blasi, Littleton, CO, "U-Pb dating of Detrital Zircon from the Fond du Lac and Hinckley Formations of Northern Minnesota" (pdf 3.7 mb)

Daniel S. Jones, Corvallis, OR, "Geomicrobiology of highly acidic, pendulous biofils ("snottites") from the Frasassi Caves, Italy" (pdf 17 mb)

Rebekah Lundquist, Pelican Rapids, MN, "Provenance analysis of the Marquette Range Supergroup sedimentary rocks from northwestern Wisconsin and western Michigan using U-Pb isotope geochemistry on detrital zircons by LA-ICP-MS" (pdf 15 mb)

Grant Rozier, Alma, MI, "Geology of the Alkaline Pyroclastic flows of the Johnson Valley Reservoir, Fish Lake Plateau, South-Central Utah" (pdf 5.6 mb)


Michael Bagley, Sitka, AK, "Geologic Mapping in the Afar with Landsat 7 ETM+ Data" (pdf 52 mb)

Timothy Beaster, Grand Marais, MN, "Agates: a literature review and Electron Backscatter Diffraction study of Lake Superior agates" (pdf 0.7 mb)

William Gallin, New York, NY, "Cosmogenic 3He Exposure age dating of glacial and landslide deposits on Boulder Mountain, Utah" (pdf 50 mb)

Sarah Greene, Montgomery, MN, "An Investigation of El Ni–o-Southern Oscillation Cycles in the Mexxavalle Gesosso Solfifera: A Cyclostratigraphic Analysis of Messinian Laminated Evaporites in Portonovo, Italy" (pdf 117 mb)

Callen Hyland, Glenville, NY, "Incidence and diversity of iron mineral-colonizing microorganisms in seven hydrothermal environments, Yellowstone National Park, USA" (pdf 1.2 mb)

Karla Knudson, Decorah, IA, "Groundwater Geochemistry above and below the Decorah Aquitard" (pdf 56 mb)

Emily LeVine, Reisterstown, MD, "An Investigation of Resettlement Issues related to the Three Gorges Dam Project, People's Republic of China" (pdf 15 mb)

Louise Miltich, Cohasset, MN, "Low Temperature Cooling History of Archean Gneisses and Paleoproterozoic Granites of Southwestern Minnesota" (pdf 6.9 mb)

Pamela Moeller, Lincoln, NE, "Hydrothermal Structure of Newberry Volcano, Central Cascade Range" (pdf 1.1 mb)

Cristina Robins, Pratt, KS, "The Geology of the New Richmond Sandstone, Prairie du Chien Group, Southeastern Minnesota" (pdf 1.8 mb)

Ellen Schaal, Saint Paul, MN, "Sandstone Petrography and Evidence for Provenance Change in a Foreland Basin Succession, Southeastern Ebro Basin, Spain" (pdf 88 mb)

Emily Schwing, Salt Lake City, UT, "The Influence of Land Use on Carbon and Nitrogen Accumulation in Prairie Soils Within the Cheyenne River Watershed, Custer and Pennington Counties, South Dakota" (pdf 44 mb)

Marisa Sowles, North Yarmouth, ME, "Assessing Phosphorus Transportation and the High Risk Runoff Areas in The Cannon River Watershed, Southeastern Minnesota" (pdf 4.4 mb)

Kathryn Stalker, Seattle, WA, "Paleoenvironment reconstruction through paleosols in the Ebro Foreland Basin System, Spain: Evidence of global climate change" (pdf 23 mb)

Nicholas Swanson-Hysell, Saint Paul, MN, "Magnetic Reversal Stratigraphy in the Ebro Basin, near Horta de Sant Joen, Spain" (pdf 6.0 mb)


David J. Auerbach, Salem, OR, "The Steptoean Positive Isotopic Carbon Excursion (SPICE) in siliciclastic facies of the Upper Mississippi Valley: Implications for mass extinction and sea level change in the Upper Cambrian" (pdf 4.5 mb)

Kristin Bergmann, Gaithersburg, MD, "Stream incision and sagebrush expansion on the Kern Plateau, California: A hydrologic perspective" (pdf 2.0 mb)

Sean Bryan, Cincinnati, OH, "Basin Morphology, Sedimentology, and history of a small proglacial lake, Matanuska Glacier, Alaska" (pdf 16.1 mb)

Jeff Dorr, Storrs, CT, "Desertification of the Gobi" (pdf 4.5 mb)

Annaliese Eipert, Seattle, WA, "Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of sand deposited by the 1960 tsunami in south-central Chile" (pdf 2.1 mb)

Joseph Graly, Berkeley, CA, "An intrusive complex in the Khovsgol-Ulaanbadrakhin Terrane, southeast-ern Mongolia" (pdf 6.7 mb)

Heather Hilchey, Minnetonka, MN, "A signal of abrupt climate change in Alaska" (pdf 4.4 mb)

Kristen James, Alexandria, VA, "Determining the source for the magmas of Monte Amiata (Central Italy) using strontium, neodymium, and lead isotopes" (pdf 1.0 mb)

Lisa Kanner, Amherst, MA, "Geomorphic evidence for Martian climate change" (pdf 5.3 mb)

Lyndsey Kleppin, Anchorage, AK, "Petrography and characterization of alteration in concrete containing aggregates from the Umbria Marche Sequence, Italy" (pdf 51.9 mb)

Bess Koffman, Yelm, WA, "Molecular phylogenetic analysis of a bacterial mat community, Le Grotte di Frasassi, Italy" (pdf 3.9 mb)

Sarah A. Leibson, Rochester, MN, "Uplift of marine terraces along the San Andreas Fault: Fort Bragg Region, northern California" (pdf 6.0 mb)

Breanyn MacInnes, Greensboro, NC, "Uplift and deformation of marine terraces along the San Andreas Fault:: Duncan's Landing to Fort Ross, California" (pdf 3.3 mb)

Sarah Margoles, St. Louis Park, MN, "Terrestrial carbon storage and sedimentation in the Coon Creek Watershed, Wisconsin" (pdf 2.5 mb)

Leah Morgan, Essex Junction, VT, "Molecular evidence for microbially-mediated sulfur cycling in the deep subsurface of the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa" (pdf 2.1 mb)

Brandon H. Murphy, St. Louis, MO, "Cyclostratigraphic Analysis of Pelagic Carbonates and astronomical correlation in the Early Oligocene at Monte Cagnero (Piobbico, Italy)" (pdf 3.4 mb)

Gabriel J. Nelson, Lake Nebagamon, WI, "Micro-structures associated with deep crustal subduction deformation in the Cycladic Blueschist belt, Syros, Greece" (pdf 5.7 mb)

Kristin O'Connell, Minneapolis, MN, "Ages, geochemistry, and field relationships of mafic dikes along the Wrangell Transect, Southeast Alaska" (pdf 3.7 mb)


Marc Antinoro, Teaneck, NJ "Surfing Seven Mile Creek: Implications of land-use change on hydrology and water quality in Seven Mile Creek Watershed, Nicollet County, MN"

Elizabeth Cassel, Billings, MT, "The Late Quaternary sedimentary succession and its evolution at Morgan Beach, Cape Liptrap, Australia"

Nicole Davies, Spain, "The reconstruction of the paleo-living environment, death and taphonomy of 'Eva,' a juvenile titanosaur at the Lake Cretaceous site of Bellevue in the Haute Vallee de l'Aude in southwestern France" (pdf 9.5 mb)

Gillian Davis, Cape Elizabeth, ME, "A review of the physical disturbance and biological implications of sediment resuspension from commercial fishing gear in the Gulf of Maine" (pdf 1.9 mb)

Amalia Doebbert, Glenwood, MN, "A stable isotope paleoclimate record of the Late-Glacial/Interglacial transition from Lough Inchiquin, western Ireland" (pdf 5.5 mb)

Adrienne Hacker, Springfield, MO, "Tafoni formation in Castle Rocks, Idaho"

Nancy Harris, Sturgeon Bay, WI, "Effects of hydrothermal activity on obtaining sedimentation rates: From Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming"

Benjamin Harrison, Bainbridge Island, WA, "Geochemical tracing of basalt provinces in the early history of the Yellowstone Hot Spot"

Melissa Keevil, Ashland, OR, "Fault geometries of south central Oregon and the inferred transtensional stress"

Charles Kittredge, Barre, MA, "Modeling with earthworms: A layman's guide to understanding bioturbation in the Decorah Shale at Wang's Corner, Minnesota"

Tiffany Larsen, Clear Lake, IA, "A paleoceanographic reconstruction of the Mediterranean Sea: Stable isotope analysis of Early Pliocene Foraminifera, II Trave Sud, Italy" (pdf 1.3 mb)

Devin McPhillips, South Glen Falls, NY, "Geochronology in a moderate-temperature, low-pressure metamorphic asemblage, Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska" (pdf 44.8 mb)

Marshall Sundberg, Emporia, KS, "An experimental method for approximating the bulk viscosity of Olivine-Basalt Aggregates" (pdf 1.9 mb)

George Tangalos, Rochester, MN, "Genesis and contamination of the Kodiak batholith, Kodiak Island, Alaska: using δ18O to quantify the assimilated component of the Kodiak batholith" (pdf 2.4 mb)

Graham Zorn, Ashland, WI, "Long Island and Chequamegon Point, Lake Superior Wisconsin: Aerial photo analysis of Barrier Spit Geomorphology from 1939 to 1993"


Chris Andreassi, Temple Terrace, FL "The significance of periodic laminations in Early Ordovician Stromatolites"

Heather Borkowski, York, ME, "Early Pliocene Climate in the Mediterranean: Geochemical Analysis at Trave Sud, Italy"

Kizzy Charles-Guzman, Brooklyn, NY, "Effects of local land use on the water quality and physical habitat of the Rice Creek Watershed, MN, USA"

Lauren Chetel, West Newton, MA, "Grain shape as an indicator of depositional environment in modern and ancient quartz sands, Merrimack Embayment Barrier System, Massachusetts and Jordan Sandstone, Minnesota"

Elizabeth Clark, Springfield, IL, "Analysis of deformational and metamorphic history of cordierite schist, East Gulch, Colorado"

Benjamin Drummond, Seattle, WA, "Blue Ice: An illustrated guide to a glacier/a book and website"

Andrew Gendaszek, Lambertville, NJ, "Mid-Cretaceous Climate and Interannual Variability: Results from a Fully Coupled General Circulation Model

Hilary Gittings, State College, PA, "Erosion of extension tyrrhena patera deposits, Mars: Mechanisms, volumes and implications for the Martian Paleoclimate"

Melissa Hall, Duluth, MN, "A field based stream study unit for middle school earth science students"

Andrew Hartley, Duluth, MN, "Speleothem analysis and implications for climate change during the past 100,000 years" "

David Hunzicker, Middleton, WI, "Evidence of periodic climate forcing in a 672 year drought severity reconstruction from moisture-stressed Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) in west-central Montana"

Matthew Kuharic, Meredith, NH, "Calcium carbonate and stable isotope analysis at Punta di Maiata, Sicily:Evidence for the eccentricity triplet in the Pliocene Trubi Formation"

Katja Meyer, Maple Park, IL, "Dynamics of recent sedimentation and carbon storage in the Cannon River Wilderness Park, Northfield, Minnesota: implications for the global carbon cycle"

Aleshia Mueller, Bachus, MN, "Natural disaster preparedness: Earthquake forecasting methods and community involvement; uniting scientists, administrators and the public"

Eric Nemitz, Cape Elizabeth, ME, "The dry union formation of Howard, Colorado: Documenting the Sangre de Cristo Uplift"

David Nickerson, Big Horn, WY, "Reconstructing a Morrison Paleoriver: A model of regional river conditions using preserved sedimentary and fossil evidence"

Michael Robinson, Bothell, WA, "The Odd Couples: Origin of the Late Miocene limestone-marl couplets at Monte dei Corvi, Italy"

Alyssa Thomas, Bend, OR, "Making sense of the drilling debate: Implications for oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska"


Willy Amidon, Charlotte, VT, "Preliminary investigation of a vendian-cambrian inertial interchange true polar wander event"

Katherine Ann Anders, Minneapolis, MN, "Marshmallow moons, crazy cratons and dramatic rocks: Developing and testing a geology curriculum for 8th grade students"

Philip Anderson, Rochester, MN, "A phylogenetic and biogeographic analysis of the genus Securella (Bivalvia:Veneridae): Redefining the origins and evolution of a taxon"

James Bishop, Tuscaloosa, AL, "Faunal and geochemical trends across the Frasnian-Famennian mass extinction boundary: Dingo Gap, Canning Basin, Western Australia"

Laura Cleaveland, Elkhorn, NE, "Calcium carbonate and magnetic susceptibility analysis at Monte dei Corvi, Italy: Trends in the Mediterranean climate proxy record during Middle Miocene ice sheet expansion"

Sara Decherd, Portland, OR, "The trials and tribulations of an exhibit creator: An exploration into the creation of, purposes for, and uses of visual and interactive museum exhibits in our modern world"

Jonathan Eaton, Cincinnati, OH, "U/Pb zircon geochronology of paleoproterozoic rocks, Mt. Ouray, Colorado"

Matthew Hinckley, Seattle, WA, "Snow avalanche activity interpreted from the tree-ring record near Snoqualmie Pass, Cascade Range, Washington"

Scott Hynek, Parker, CO, "The Middle Eocene Bridger Formation, SW Wyoming: A volcaniclastic record of regional tectonism and volcanism"

Kevin Jacobs, New Haven, CT, "Creating, implementing and revising a model for elementary school soil study at the Sibley School, Northfield, Minnesota"

Sarah Johnson, Plymouth, MN, "Field relationships, petrology and geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic bimodal metavolcanic rocks near Gunnison, southwestern Colorado"

Ani Kameenui, Eugene, OR, "Aqueous geochemistry and the carbon cycle: Weathering in the Kennicott River and McCarthy Creek, Southeast, Alaska"

Kristin King, Freeport, ME, "Erosional cliff environment at Taylor's Falls, St. Croix Valley, Minnesota, in comparison with modern deposition on Schoodic Peninsula, Maine"

Maureen Kirch, Milwaukee, WI, "Experiments in fault reactivation: Possibilities and problematics of fault slip inversion methods"

Isaac Larsen, Clear Lake, IA, "New insight on the character of the hydrologic system of the Matanuska Glacier, Alaska, based on drilling, bore hole monitoring and dye tracing studies"

Jamie Levine, New York, NY, "Joint control of landforms in the City of Rocks National Reserve: Almo, Idaho"

Elizabeth Lowham, Casper, WY, "Geology in context: Problem-based learning and the Ok Tedi Mine"

Peter McAuliffe, Seattle, WA, "The magnitude and temporal variability of hydrothermal venting following a volcanic eruption, derived from studies at the CoAxial hydrothermal site and Axial Volcano, Juan de Fuca Ridge"

Stefanie Morrison, Dennison, MN, "Paleoproterozoic Komatiites from the Gunnison area, southwest Colorado: Petrology, chemistry and comparison to Mt. Ouray Komatiites"

Anna Moyles, Berkeley, CA,"A structural survey from Cripple Creek to Victor, Colorado"

Edmund Phillips, Sandpoint, ID, "A geographic information system of the Cannon River Watershed, Minnesota"

Anne Sawyer, Northfield, MN, "A comparative hydrologic study of meltwater streams from the Herbert, Eagle and Mendenhall Glaciers near Juneau, Alaska"

Carl Tape, Fairbanks, AK, "Kinematic analysis of brittle faulting in the Prince Rupert area, Coast Mountains, British Columbia"

Trent Terriquez, Northfield, MN, "Near shore stratigraphic facies response to sea level rise during the Holocene in the Southern Belize Shelf Lagoon"

Kevin Uno, Kirkland, WA, "Upper Cretaceous Paleomagnetism from Umbria, Italy: "Anchored" poles set proposed true polar wander event adrift"

Elizabeth Valaas, Bellevue, WA, "The petrology and chemistry of metabasites: Defining the metamorphic history of the Cycladic Island of Syros, Greece"

Galen Ward, Seattle, WA, "A 6,000 year pollen record of alpine and subalpine vegetation in the northern Cascades"


Thomas Alcivar, Chesterfield, MO, "Paleomagnetic dating of the Messinian: Attempts to refine the geochronology of the Messinian"

Christina Berglund, Britt, MN, "Characterization of Mangrove Peat in southwest Florida"

Sara Bertelsen, Rockville, MD, "Methods of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through agriculture"

Alden Boetsch, Lexington, VA, "A discussion of the natural and supernatural: Geomythology in Devil's Marbleyard, Arnold Valley, Virginia"

Jean Dixon, Atlanta, GA, "Biofacies zonation in a near-shore lagoonal environment of Belize: Influence of depth, sediment influx, hydrodynamics, and geography"

Matthew Howard, Tulsa, OK, "A faunal and sedimentological analysis of Upper Ordovician Strata, Grant Lake Formation, northern Kentucky"

Jonathan Jensen, Baltimore, MD, "Direct dating of Milankovitch cycles: Evidence for a 123 and 95 Kyr eccentricity cycles at Monte dei Corvi, Italy"

Zachary Katz, New York, NY, "The effects of topography on selected soil properties: Erosion relationships on 'A-horizon'"

Anders Matney, Northfield, MN, "Developing and teaching a short unit on evolution using Cephalopods at Prairie Creek Community School, Castle Rock, Minnesota"

Luc Mehl, McGrath, AK, "Shear zones and basement deformation during Post-Caledonian collapse on the Island of Flakstadoy, Lofoten, north Norway"

Anna Nelson, East Harwich, MA, "The origin, entrainment mechanisms, and mode of transfer of supraglacial debris on the debris-covered terminus of a Polythermal Valley Glacier in Svalbard, Norway: A sedimentological approach"

Elizabeth Penny, Los Altos, CA, "Developing a nature writing workshop as a supplemental unit to Geology 120: Introduction to Environmental Geology"

Joanna Reuter, Berryville, AR, "Apatite (U-TH)/HE Thermochronometry in the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming: Old age results from too many dates"

Erica Richardson, Belgrade, ME, "Uplift of Pleistocene Marine Terraces along the San Andeas Fault: Fort Ross to Gualala, California"

Patrick Roehrdanz, Fargo, ND, "Fluid inclusion analysis of quartz and alunite in acid sulfate alteration near Porphyry Peak, Bonanza Caldera, Colorado"

Michael Stewart, Holliston, MA, "Carbon isotope stratigraphy of an Upper Cambrian Platform, western Newfoundland, Canada"

Sean Sturges, Great Falls, MT, "The importance of small scale variations in topography and geography for mixed siliciclastic and carbonate sediment deposition: An example from a nearshore area of the Belizean Southern Shelf Lagoon"

Stacy Tellinghuisen, Nashville, TN, "Using marine terraces to determine tectonic uplift rates and patterns on the Gualala block, California: Gualala to Point Arena"

Nicholas Weinberg, New York, NY, "Structure and related tectonic history of the rocks of Cochie Canyon, in the Catalina Core Complex, southeastern Arizona"

Annie Winkler, Duluth, MN, "Spring Creek assessment and monitoring project: A compilation and exploration"

Liila Woods, Ettrick, WI, "A study of infiltration rates and the revised universal soil loss equation in relation to soil erosion at an agricultural site in Rice County, Minnesota"


Alison Anders, Minneapolis, MN, "Secondary volcanic hazards: Dating and classification of the Springpoint Landslide, Red River Lahar and Red River Event Deposit, Iliamna Volcano, Cook Inlet, Alaska"

Erika Beyer, Eugene, OR, "Using foraminiferal stable isotopic compositions to reconstruct paleoceanographic changes: a study of the Middle to Late Miocene Mediterranean, Monte dei Corvi, Italy"

Emily Burton, Prescott, AZ, "Outer forearc response to seamount subduction: evidence from Holocene marine terraces, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica"

Marin Byrne, Garrettsville, OH, "Microstructures as indicators of larger scale deformational patterns in serpentinites from Sand Dollar Beach, Monterey County, California"

Carrie Davis, Wooster, OH, "Erosion, runoff, and carbon in agricultural watersheds: An examination of general processes in a specific environment"

Rachel Davis, Orinda, CA, "Devising a classification system for stream bank erosion and stability in Stony Creek, California"

Ben Diener, Carpinteria, CA, "Sand contribution from bluff retreat between Point Conception and Santa Barbara Harbor as a way of determining the sediment transport rate around Point Conception"

Noah Finnegan, Cambridge, MA, "Paleomagnetism of the Tuscan Nappe and Ligurian Ophiolites: Preliminary constraints on tectonic rotations in the internal northern Apennines, Tuscany and Liguria, Italy"

Brian Fleming, Sherborn, MA, "Are geosynthetics an answer to the problems of bank stabilization methods?"

Sarah Goese, Duluth, MN, "Direct dating of Milankovitch cycles: A study of the rhythmic limestone-marl sequence at Monte dei Corvi, Italy"

Heidi Guetschow, Anchorage, AK, "Stratigraphic textural analysis of Novarupta Dome, Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Katmai National Park, Alaska"

Zach Gustafson, Greenfield City, NY, "Mixing and mingling magmas at the Tenpeak Pluton Margin in the North Cascades, Washington: An example from the Twin Lakes agmatite complex"

Erich Heydweiller, Syracuse, NY, "Sedimentology and provenance of Lower and Middle Eocene Formations, Great Divide Basin, Southwestern Wyoming"

Bret Higman, Seldovia, AK, "Methods of structural analysis in petrified wood"

Kate Hofmann , Petoskey, MI, "Classification and interpretation of pyroclastic and epiclastic rocks in a Mid-Tertiary volcanic terrane: Crawfish Lake Quadrangle, northeastern Oregon"

Millie Kimes, Bellingham, WA, "Investigating crustal deformation of Alaska using the global positioning system"

Mizu Kinney, Deadwood, OR, "Seismic hazard identification and education on the Cascadia Margin, Central Coast of Oregon"

Tiffany Mathias,Honolulu, HI, "An examination of the ratio of Pahoehoe to Aa Lava in the Koolau Volcano, Hawaii and possible implications for variations in magma composition and shallow magma chamber dynamics during shield building"

Andrew Mattox, Seattle, WA, "Processes, causes, and potential future movement of the 1700-block Earth movement, Perkins Lane West, Seattle, Washington"

Chuck McCallum, "Describing the structure of subducted slabs on the basis of gravity anomaly measurements"

Emily Peterson, Seattle, WA, "Effects of bank stabilization and channel maintenance on a natural system: A study of the Cedar River in Washington State"

William Pike, Lancaster, PA, "Melting relations in the Fe-Ni-S system at high pressures: Implications for the state of the Martian core"

Michael Rhodes, Bloomington, MN, "The mafic and silicic magma interaction and plutonic stratigraphy on the Southeastern Coast of Vinalhaven Island, Maine: Mafic injections into a silicic magma chamber"

David Schneider, Pittsburgh, PA, "Signs of stress under pressure: The stress and strain significance of syntectonic quartz veins in the Maverick Shale, Mazatzal Mountains, Arizona and their regional structural and Proterozoic tectonic context"

Nate Sheldon, Minnetonka, MN, "Magneto and lithostratigraphy of the Early and Middle Eocene Fluvial/Lacustrine Sequence near Continental Peak, Wyoming"

Michael Smith, La Crescent, MN, "Lithostratigraphic control of Goat Prairies on bluffs along the Mississippi River and its tributaries in SE Minnesota"

Leigh Stearns, New York, NY, "Water flow through the firn area of Storglaciaren, northern Sweden"

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Christopher Rautman, St. Petersburg, FL, "Geology of the Dubois Area, Fremont County, Wyoming and structural geology of the Wyoming Province"

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