How the Media Skews
Understanding of U.S. Foreign Aid

About us

This is a final project for the class A Journey in Journalism at Carleton College. It resulted from our interest in the vast difference between the perceived amount of foreign aid and actual foreign aid spending in the U.S. budget.

The following people contributed to this project:

Flannery McArdle - a class of 2013 sociology/anthropology major will work as a Research Intern at the Rwanda Ministry of Health and next year will serve as a Princeton in Africa Fellow at Plan International in Kampala, Uganda.

Holly French - a class of 2013 computer science major who wants to work as a software engineer for a startup company.

Ben Strauss - a class of 2016 potential political science major who wants to become a professor and will do research this summer on how students use academic support centers at Carleton.

With much help from our professor Doug McGill, Tucker MacNeill for technical support, and our entire journalism class.

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Holly French (
Ben Strauss (