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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, footnotes used to be known as "bottom notes" and are distinct from endnotes in that they appear at the bottom of the page while endnotes appear on the last page or pages of a document.





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Hyperlinks, in essence, are the next generation of footnotes. This section contains all of the "footnotes" for chapters 5, 6, and 7 which you might get to if you clicked any of the links in the "hypertext" section.

However, since websites are not "linear," it would be silly to create a page that could only be reached one way. Thus, this section works rather like an encyclopedic reference for all the footnotes linked in the various versions of the texts, in case when you were reading before you didn't want to click on the link, but now you are interested in what the footnote said. The Footnotes are arranged by chapter, and somewhat into broader categories, such as "math jokes," "poem parodies," and "characters." This section also contains a link to my bibliography, where you can find the important information relating to the sources I used to create this website.


Chapter 5: Advice from a Caterpillar
Chapter 6: Pig and Pepper
Chapter 7: A Mad Tea Party

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