Fun Fact:
In the Matrix, the protagonist, Neo, is told to follow the White Rabbit to understand what the "Matrix" is.


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The Rabbit Trail

Follow the White Rabbit!

Click on the White Rabbit, whenever you see him, and it will take you to the next of the 11 pages which make up the "Rabbit Trail," the quick tour of "Curiouser and Curiouser: The Evolution of Wonderland." I picked these pages because they are some of my favorites, and because they are representative of the several different types of pages on my site (11 pages is about 5% of the total number of pages in the site). This trail is by no means the "correct" way to go through the website. Websites, by their very nature, are multi-linear, meaning that a visitor could take many different paths through the site, making a website a somewhat unpredictable medium. Although the rabbit trail does proceed linearly, I've still tried to highlight the unpredictable nature of websites (and Wonderland itself) by not putting the pages in any particular logical order.

So don't be afraid to get off the trail and follow some other "white rabbit" wherever it interests you.