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Natalie Gregory is naturally a brunette, and did the entire miniseries wearing a blonde wig.



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1985 film posterAlice in Wonderland (1985)

"It's hard to take one-self seriously in a Dodo Bird costume." - TV Guide, Toronto


In 1985, Harry Harris directed Irwin Allen’s two-part television mini series of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  This version is a family-friendly romp through Wonderland with a huge cast of Hollywood stars in ridiculous costumes singing and dancing and just having a merry time.  As Will Brooker puts it, comparing it to Jonathan Miller’s 1966 version, “The tone is the Muppet Show rather than Freudian nightmare” (213).  Although for the most part the film follows Carroll’s book pretty closely, there is an interesting change regarding Alice’s motivation to wander Wonderland.  While in Carroll’s original Alice’s only thought was to get into the garden out of curiosity, Harris’s Alice only wants to get out of Wonderland and return home, more like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz than Carroll’s Alice.  There also is a very weird moment when Alice meets the Cheshire Cat.  Will Brooker describes it this way, “Telly Savalas in a cat suit is strange enough, but when he creeps up on Alice in the forest and tells her ‘listen closely, little girl…there’s no way home,’ it’s hard to avoid a sense of unease…Even if we discount any overtones of the sexual predator as entirely unintentional…the song is shockingly bleak” (214).  But despite this odd moment, the overwhelming tone of the film is fun and silly and quite enjoyable for what it is trying to be. Below you can see clips from the scenes of Alice and the Caterpillar, the Duchess’ Kitchen, Alice and the Cheshire Cat, and the Mad Tea Party. Also, as a bonus, you can enjoy Ringo Starr’s delightful cameo as the Mock Turtle. 


Alice meets the Caterpillar (Sammy Davis, Jr.)


Alice in the Duchess' Kitchen


Alice and the Cheshire Cat (Telly Savalas)


A Mad Tea Party


And for your viewing pleasure, Ringo Starr as the Mock Turtle


Directed by: Harry Harris

Produced by:
Irwin Allen

Written by:
Lewis Carroll; Paul Zindel

Natalie Gregory, Red Buttons, Anthony Newley, Jayne Meadows, Carol Channing, Roddy McDowall, Ann Jillian, Robert Morley

Music by:
Stephen Deutsch, Morton Stevens

Fred J. Koenekamp

Release date(s):
December 9-December 10, 1985

Running time:
187 minutes



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