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Tenniel lost the use of one of his eyes in a fencing bout when he was young, making his incredible one-eyed output all the more impressive.








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Sir John Tenniel

Sir John Tenniel (1820-1914) was born in London on February 28, 1820 and developped and early talent for caricature. The first and probably best-known of the Alice illustrators, Tenniel's characteristic political-cartoon style drawings enchant both children and adults alike. Though his relationship with Carroll was at times strained, the two men's mutual desire for perfection led to the creation of one of the most beloved children's books of all time. Many of the 1951 Disney characters as well as illustrations by other artists are closely based on Tenniel's drawings. For more information about Tenniel, follow this link to The Victorian Web. To compare Tenniel's drawings with Lewis Carroll's click here. Below you will see all of the Tenniel illustrations from chapters 5, 6, and 7. Click on a character on the menu on the right to see the next image.



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