Fun Fact:
In 1989 Steadman wrote the libretto for an eco-oratorio called "Plague and the Moonflower" which has been performed in five cathedrals in the UK and was the subject of a BBC 2 film in 1994.


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Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman (1936-present) was born in Wallasey, England on May 15, 1936 and has become famouse for his cartoons and caricatures. Steadman began work on his Alice illustrations in the '60s, and his work certainly reflects the turmoil and spirit of the age. His audacious and dynamic illustrations highlight the ironic and satirical elements of the Alice text. To learn more about Ralph Steadman, follow this link to his official website. Below you will see all of the Steadman illustrations from chapters 5, 6, and 7. Click on a character on the menu on the right to see the next image.



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