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Matthews broke into the world of fantasy & sci-fi illustration after getting acquainted with rock bands who required record cover designs.


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Rodney Matthews

Rodney Matthews (1945-present) was born in North Somerset, England on July 6, 1945 and is an acclaimed sci-fi and fantasy illustrator. In his illustrating of Alice, Matthews had said, "I feel priveleged to be asked to illustrate what musht be one of the most original and well-known children's stories ever written. I can't compete with Rackham, still (in my view) the best Alice illustrator ever, or meet him head on, but I have tried to suggest a wider visual area for the story...." His Alice really does present Wonderland as it's never been seen before, with plenty of edge and scope. To learn more about Matthews, follow this link to his official website. Below you will see all of the Matthews illustrations from chapters 5, 6, and 7. Click on a character on the menu on the right to see the next image.



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