• Today, (March 23rd 2023) was a whirlwind of a day. We started the day at the Equal Justice Initiative’s Legacy museum. Tracing American history from slavery to mass incarceration today. Of all the museums we have visited on this trip, this one was perhaps the most powerful, save for the Smithsonian.

  • This morning we loaded the bus at 7:30 am to depart for Selma, Alabama. In Selma, we visited the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute, where I learned the backstory behind the march from Selma to Montgomery and “Bloody Sunday.”

  • Now entering Day Six of the Northfield to Selma spring break trip, we continued to
    explore places and spaces in where Dr.King spent his time in Atlanta, GA. We had the chance to
    first tour the MLK National Park and Birthplace. The King Family Church (Ebenezer Baptist
    Church), the MLK burial ground, and his family home were all located at this location in the
    Sweet Auburn neighborhood.

  • Day 6 of our journey from Northfield was spent in a couple different places in Atlanta, GA. Our day started exploring the MLK National Park, a place I had been before when I first came to Atlanta about 7 years ago. This visit was different than the first, and better, for two reasons. Firstly, it was more impactful than before, especially because of all of the content I have learned in this last week and have been able to unpack with my peers.

  • The morning of our journey started with our usual flurry of activity as we prepared for the day ahead, filing up on satisfying southern food. As we draw nearer to the south, the food just keeps on getting better and better, and I can’t wait to see what culinary delights await us in Alabama. During the initial leg of our journey, we alternated our times between catching up on much-needed sleep, fiddling with our phones or in my case, getting in some crotchet time.

  • Pancakes, bacon, and eggs were a delicious scent to wake up to as I rapidly downed breakfast before boarding the bus at 6:30 am this morning. The smooth road and dark sky soothed my mind as I patiently sat on a cushioned seat and fell asleep for approximately 3 hours. Waking up, to my disbelief, I was no longer in Virgina and I was able to sink in the piercing sun and blue skies in Greensboro, North Carolina.

  • Today, Dean Livingston dropped the group inside the National Museum of African American Culture and History in Washington D.C. for a day-long museum experience. The NMAAHC is especially valuable as it is home to a collection of millions of artifacts donated by collectors, friends, and descendants of African Americans throughout history.

  • The highlight of today was our visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. This Smithsonian museum is located adjacent to the Washington Monument in Washington DC and highlights the African American story from the 15th century up until the present day. The main exhibit featured three floors: “Slavery and Freedom” (1400-1877), “Defending Freedom, Defining Freedom: The Era of Segregation” (1876-1968), and “A Changing America” (1968 and beyond).

  • Today, we spent our time exploring the DC area. Spots on our itinerary for today including such destinations as the Lincoln Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, and Ben’s Chili Bowl.

  • After the early morning departure from Uniontown, PA, we made our way to Washington DC for our first stop. However, rather unfortunately, the Fredrick Douglas house was closed for remodel so we were unable to visit. Instead, we had extra free time which I took with great pleasure.