Carleton Students Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

30 August 2017

Dear Carleton faculty, staff, and students,

As we watch the frightening natural disasters unfold in south Texas, we know that many of you are wondering about our own students and their families and how they are faring. We currently have 95 students enrolled from Texas, 53 of whom are from the greater Houston area. The Dean of Students Office has reached out to all of these students. Some of the students are already on off-campus studies programs or have arrived on campus for summer jobs or training for student leadership roles. Others are still in Texas have had to evacuate or are unable to do so. We will be working with all affected students to help bring them to campus as soon as possible, where our ability to provide support is much greater. But we all need to understand that the impacts of the hurricane, flood, and aftermath are very real and lasting.

We’ve received a number of queries from the campus community, as well as from alumni, about what they can do to assist. There are funds available through the recently awarded Great Lakes Financial Corporation grant and through other College discretionary endowments that Carleton will be prepared to direct to this effort. More information will be forthcoming about how to donate physical items these students might need. The material support our students will need is likely to range from basic staples like clothes, personal items, and school supplies, to dorm outfitting (for the first-year students) and textbook purchases. Should you wish to make a financial gift for this effort you may do so through the Alumni Annual Fund via a designation for Student Life.

Beyond the physical support, these students will need emotional support, and everyone in our community is in a position to assist. We are confident that Carleton will extend a warm and understanding welcome both to the first-year students impacted by this tragedy, as well as a safe and supportive home to all other students returning to campus.

Thank you for your concern and your investment in the health and safety of each member of our community.


Carolyn H. Livingston, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
Steve Poskanzer, President

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