Additional Information about Campus Graffiti Incident

12 October 2017

Dear Carleton students, faculty, and staff,

We are relieved to be able to share news that the swastika drawing that was reported earlier today was not a threat but rather was a blackboard illustration from a class discussion on ancient symbols. The drawing had been left on the board inadvertently. We are grateful to the faculty and student who so quickly helped to clarify this matter.

While it is reassuring that this was not a symbol drawn in anger or hate and was not meant to be destructive to our community, the value of conversations on campus about hate incidents, including what happened in Charlottesville this summer, still remains. Further, we still think it is worthwhile to proceed with developing recommendations for improved communication should threatening or hateful acts occur on Carleton’s campus.

In closing, we wish to take this opportunity to once again reaffirm our core community values of respect for others and inclusivity.

Steven G. Poskanzer, President
Beverly Nagel, Dean of the College
Carolyn H. Livingston, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
Jeff Ondich, Faculty President
Walter Paul ’18, CSA President
Joe Chihade, CEDI Co-Chair
Kathy Evertz, CEDI Co-Chair

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