Students Engaging in Essential Dialogue (SEED) is a student-led program, funded by the Dean of Students and coordinated by a student board and a handful of faculty and staff advisors. SEED aims to create a more open campus culture characterized by ongoing conversations among students about inclusion, exclusion, and difference. Specifically, the program trains students to facilitate conversations with established student groups about identities and their intersections.

Our goal is to engage students in an ongoing learning process, empowering them to have these conversations in all communities and thereby planting the SEED for a more inclusive and unified Carleton.

Access the SEED Facilitator Request Form online.

Apply to be a Trained SEED Facilitator!

Access the SEED Facilitator Application Form online. Applications are due March 20th. If you have anyone in mind who you think would make a great SEED facilitator and should apply, please fill out this recommendation form. Feel free to recommend as many people as you want in the same submission. Recommendations are due March 13. 

Participant Feedback

  • 100% marked 4 or 5 (on a scale from 1 to 5) for “This conversation increased my self-awareness.”
  • 95% marked 4 or 5 for “This conversation increased my awareness and understanding of perspectives other than my own.”
  • 81% marked 4 or 5 for “I feel like our group will talk more frequently and/or comfortably about these topics now that we have discussed them in this facilitated conversation.”
  • 90% marked 4 or 5 for “I feel more comfortable having conversations about these topics myself now that I have participated in this facilitated conversation.”

What has been done?


  • Professionally trained 18 student facilitators:
    • 2019: 8
    • 2020: 10
  • Successfully completed 22 facilitations including:
    • CANOE
    • Men’s Frisbee
    • Model United Nations
    • Sunrise Carleton
    • Swimming & Diving Varsity Team

(Yearly Breakdown: 2019-2020: 6; 2020-2021: 16)

What’s next?


  • A training session for new and returning facilitators with an additional emphasis on helping student groups build action steps informed by their SEED-facilitated discussions (i.e. collective deliberation).
  • Goal to recruit 8-12 new facilitators.
  • Goal to hold 10-12 facilitations.