Carleton College provides rich and illuminating opportunities for our students to delve profoundly into their understanding of and commitment to cultural competency. This value is not strictly tethered to the classroom, but integrated into many facets throughout campus. In order to continue our contribution to and elevation of cultural competency among our students, persistent analysis, review, and implementation must develop throughout the entirety of a student’s’ Carleton career.

Offices Contributing to Cultural Competency:

  • Dean of Students Office
  • TRIO/Student Support Services
  • Admissions
  • Alumni Relations
  • Student Activities
  • Residential Life
  • Gender and Sexuality Center
  • Office of Intercultural and International Life
  • Chaplains Office
  • PEAR
  • Disability Services
  • Career Center
  • Title IX Coordinator and Community Standards

What has been done?

In February 2016, Dean Livingston formed a working group and charged it with creating a framework and an implementation plan for enhancing students’ cultural competencies across a four-year period. View the group’s final report.

What’s next?

There is likely no issue of greater long term significance to students — ­­to their personal well being, their integration into this community, and their ability to navigate the world that they will enter after graduation — than their ability to acquire a significant measure of cultural humility. It is for this reason that Carleton will continue to review current programs, systems, and language to keep pace with the varying backgrounds and experiences of our students. 

Expanding awareness and providing training for students on how to treat and respond to one another, and how to have difficult yet productive discussions, remain top priorities for the College.