The goal of CCAM is to help create a healthier environment on Carleton College’s campus for our students, staff, and faculty by decreasing the rate of high-risk alcohol use of all Carleton students, with emphasis on those who are under 21 years old. In addition, CCAM seeks to reduce the rate of marijuana use among our students.

CCAM is composed of Staff, Faculty, and Students from across campus. Additionally, non-Carleton community members and stakeholders  in the Northfield community may be represented on the Coalition.

CCAM was created upon Carleton’s receipt of the Partnerships for Success grant as a way to assess students’ frequency and use of alcohol and other drugs. Through campus surveys and programs, CCAM has also evaluated peer perceptions of alcohol and other drug, policies around alcohol and other drugs, as well as the College’s response and sanctioning.

What’s being done?

Recommendations from CCAM have produced a new office within the Division of Student Life, the Health Promotions Office, which programs around and educates students on strategies on how to flourish within the Carleton structure. New Student Week programs have also been renovated to reflect more positively framed behavior within the college setting to provide students with tools to manage their many priorities.

CCAM plans to continue their work beyond the expiration date of the grant.