In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), personally identifiable information in an education record may not be released without prior written consent from the student, except to other school officials with a legitimate educational interest and to “parents of an eligible student who claim the student as a dependent for tax purposes.” The only information that may be freely disclosed is directory information (see sidebar) which would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed.

The FERPA ruling allows any student to request that the institution not release any directory information about him/her. However, you should be aware that restricting the release of this information will have undesirable consequences, including:

  • Individuals at the College may be unable to contact you;
  • You may not receive notice of some campus activities or services;
  • You will not appear in Carleton’s online campus directory; consequently, faculty, staff and students will not have access to your campus phone number, room number, email address, etc.;
  • Family members will not be able to use the web deposit feature to add funds to your OneCard Schillers account;
  • Your parent/legal guardian will not have access to your financial aid information.

Students wishing to obtain a more detailed and comprehensive statement of their rights and responsibilities regarding education records may refer to the FERPA Information page. Questions should be referred to the Dean of Students Office at 507-222-4248.

Note: You do not need to submit this form unless you wish to change your privacy settings and activate directory information confidentiality, having read and understood the consequences above.

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