The Dean of Students Office provides financial support to full-time Carleton students who need assistance purchasing textbooks or are experiencing a financial hardship due to an unanticipated event. Emergency funds are distributed on a case-by-case basis and do not need to be repaid.

Students must have exhausted all other possible financial resources before applying to receive funds. The amount given is determined by the need and subject to the availability of the funds.

How it Works

  • A student may receive funding once per academic year.
  • Funds are generally up to $250.
  • Students cannot be reimbursed for money already spent.

Textbook Assistance

Vouchers will be distributed using the following guidelines:

  • First-year students: first term, up to $200; second and third terms, up to $150
  • Sophomores: Two terms of up to $100 each
  • Juniors: One term of up to $100
  • Seniors: One term of up to $100

Emergency Funding Request Form

Please submit the form below to be considered for emergency funding. You may be contacted by a staff member in the Dean of Students Office to discuss your circumstances, and they may consult with campus partners, including Student Financial Aid.

This fund is not associated with the financial aid application process. If you have special circumstances that relate directly to the financial aid process, please contact Student Financial Aid at

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