Students who will be arriving late or traveling off campus overnight spring term should fill out the Late Arrival/Overnight Visit Form.

Late Arrival

Students who are arriving on campus for spring term outside of the established move-in dates/times of March 27 and March 28 between noon and 8 p.m., should fill out the late arrival form. In order to minimize risk to the campus community, late arrivals will be placed in separate housing until they have completed two Covid tests or are exempt from testing due to a previous infection. Fully vaccinated individuals will still need to participate in Carleton’s baseline testing process.

Overnight Travel During the Term

In order to ensure the safety of the community, when you return you will be required to self-monitor and take an on-campus COVID-19 test at your own expense ($150). “Self-monitoring” means you will be assigned a designated space to live for a minimum of ten days, pack enough clothes for your stay, take all meals, grab and go, attend all classes remotely (no face-to-face), among other restrictions. Details are listed on the Self Monitoring Due to Off-Campus Travel document.