• Day 11: Sunday, March 26

    26 March 2023

    We left our last hotel at about 8:30 in the morning. As bittersweet as that was, the long drive presented itself as the perfect opportunity to reflect on what we have been learning for the past ten days. While at first the museums seemed to blend together, there are certain distinct moments of immersion that set them apart.

  • I had to wake up early today and get breakfast quickly. In Birmingham, Alabama, what a nice city! I will remember that I first tried the southern fried chicken and it was really good so far during my stay in the US. However, as we headed to Memphis, Tennessee, of the uncountably times that I fell asleep in the bus, it was worth it to finally wait for the Stax Museum visit.

  • Today like most other days started off with an early breakfast and a bus ride up the north  from Birmingham Alabama to Memphis Tennessee. Our first stop was the stax museum of American soul music. The Stax museum is dedicated to preserving the rich history of soul music in America and celebrating  its role in the civil rights movement.

  • Day 9: Friday, March 24

    25 March 2023

    All my life I grew up with repeating two -phrases, “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Roll Tide”. It is only fitting that these two phrases have also been my most repeated ones on this trip, for all the days but especially the days in Alabama. Being born and raised in the Deep South and one of the most historic cities in this nation, Birmingham Alabama, I came to Carleton with so much Southern Pride and have grown to never be ashamed of the place that I call home.

  • Day 9: Friday, March 24

    25 March 2023

    What does an average Sunday look like for my family or my friends? For some, it is getting ready for Sunday football. Wearing your favorite jersey’s and eating hotdogs as you cheer for your favorite team. For others, it is getting brunch with your friends and spilling the latest tea. For some, it is putting your Sunday best and heading to church.

  • Day eight started like any other, I woke up about thirty minutes before departure time and
    prepared for the day. After packing up all my stuff I made my way downstairs skipping breakfast
    as per usual. Heading towards the bus I see Scotty loading up the luggage with great enthusiasm
    and say, “Good Morning!” and “Thank you!”

  • Today, (March 23rd 2023) was a whirlwind of a day. We started the day at the Equal Justice Initiative’s Legacy museum. Tracing American history from slavery to mass incarceration today. Of all the museums we have visited on this trip, this one was perhaps the most powerful, save for the Smithsonian.

  • This morning we loaded the bus at 7:30 am to depart for Selma, Alabama. In Selma, we visited the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute, where I learned the backstory behind the march from Selma to Montgomery and “Bloody Sunday.”

  • As I sit back and reflect on today, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of sympathy and compassion. I was able to gain a new understanding of the troubles that my ancestors faced on a daily basis. Truthfully listening to testimonies, standing on the monumental ground, and reading gruesome stories was a life-changing experience.

  • Day 6: Tuesday, March 21

    21 March 2023

    Now entering Day Six of the Northfield to Selma spring break trip, we continued to explore places and spaces in where Dr.King spent his time in Atlanta, GA. We had the chance to first tour the MLK National Park and Birthplace. The King Family Church (Ebenezer Baptist Church), the MLK burial ground, and his family home were all located at this location in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood.