Facing Forward: Reimagining our Work for the Changing Landscape of Higher Education

The annual representatives meeting will open with a reception and dinner on Wednesday, June 22; and will close with lunch at noon on Friday, June 24.

Over the last two and half years, our campuses have been drought with disruption and uncertainty. And even as we welcomed students and colleagues back to campus after stints of distance learning, old questions still remain: In what ways has the pandemic impacted our students’ sense of belonging and well-being on campus, how can we best prepare our campuses for the changing dynamics of higher education, and do we have the appropriate staffing structures to do this work? The 2022 CHAS Annual Representatives Meeting at Carleton College will address these and other questions. Participants will reflect on the changing needs of students in today’s higher education landscape, and make a plan for moving forward in positivity and partnership.

Your institution must be member of the CHAS Consortium to attend the representatives meeting. If you are interested in participating from a non-member institution please contact the CHAS Executive Director Sourav Guha at sourav.guha@trincoll.edu.

Attendees must comply with all COVID-19 policies and protocols in place at the time of the event.