Ant-related links

Ant-Related Links

  • Ant image databases or species lists
  • Myrmecologist's pages
  • Other ant links

  • Ant image databases or species lists

    dotJapanese Ants Color Image Database. Amazing high resolution images as well as keys and other information are included for the ants of Japan.

  • The image database (Begins at subfamily level)
  • Proposals for Taxonomy in the 21st Century
  • Tsukii, Y., A. Kihara, and Y. Ugawa. 1995. Distributed public domain databases (DPDD) of biological information on internet: An introduction of a color image database for Japanese ants. Japanese Journal of Computer Science 2: 5-13.
  • dot Ants of Costa Rica Growing image database of the ants of Costa Rica with species lists, identification tools, high resolution images, and further information. By John T. Longino

  • Image database: list of genera by subfamily
  • How to interpret the names used in species accounts
  • Phil Ward's method of how to mount ants for museum study
  • dotSocial Insects Web. Includes pages with ant images, species lists, and much more.

  • Ants of the St. Louis Region. Annotated list of ant species. By James C. Trager.
  • Ants of Brazil, MZUSP. Images of several Ponerine ants. By C.R.F. Brandão.
  • Ants of Central Park, Long Island, S New England. List of ant species. By Stefan Cover.
  • Ants of Australia, CURTIN. Images (scanned dorsal views) of several Australian species.
  • David Grimaldi, Donat Agosti, and James M. Carpenter. 1997. New and rediscovered primitive ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Cretaceous amber from New Jersey, and their phylogenetic relationships. American Museum Novitates 3208: 43pp.
  • dotChecklist of the ants of Michigan Annotated list of Michigan ants. Web version of Wheeler, et al (1994).

    dot Preliminary List of the Ants of Ohio List of the recorded and expected ants of Ohio.

    dotCatalogue of Australian Ant Species, CSIRO. Gopher list of Australian ants.

    dotChecklist of South African ants

    Myrmecologist's Pages

    dotIUSSI-NAS member links

    dotAndrew J. Beattie. Maquarie University, NSW, Australia.

    dotRoss Crozier. Molecular evolution, molecular phylogeny, sociobiology, conservation genetics, and sex-determination in Hymenoptera. La Trobe University, Australia.

    dotDiane W. Davidson. The evolutionary ecology of ant-plant symbioses. University of Utah, USA.

    dotDonald H Feener Jr. Evolutionary ecology of social insects and their symbionts (social behavior, functional ecology, host-parasitoid interactions, comparative biology, tropical biology). University of Utah, USA.

    dotDeborah M. Gordon. Colony organization and population biology. Stanford University, USA.

    dotJoan M. Herbers. Evolutionary ecology of social systems. Colorado State University, USA.

    dotBert Hölldobler. Sociogenetics and social organizations, communication, and interspecific communication. University of Würzburg, Germany.

    dotMike Kaspari. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology group at the University of Oklahoma.

    dot John T. Longino The Evergreen State College, WA, USA.

    dot Ulrich G. Mueller University of Maryland, USA.

    dotNaomi Pierce. Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, MA, USA.

    dot Steven Rissing Arizona State University, USA.

    dotKenneth G. Ross. University of Georgia, USA.

    dotJames F. A. Traniello. Behavioral ecology and sociobiology of insects. Boston University, MA, USA.

    dotWalter R. Tschinkel. University of Florida, USA.

    dot Phil S. Ward. Entomology, University of California, Davis, CA, USA.

    dotJames K. Wetterer . Columbia University, NY, USA.

    dot Diana E. Wheeler. University of Arizona, USA.

    Other ant links

    dotXIII International Congress of IUSSI (International Union for the Study of Social Insects): Adelaide: December 29, 1998 - January 4, 1999

    dotThe tree of life: Formicidae. Phylogeny from (Baroni Urbani et al 1992)

    dotFORMIS: a searchable ant bibliography

    dot Ant Exhibition at Harvard University Living with ants and the science of E.O. Wilson at the Museum of Comparative Zoology in the Harvard University Museums of Natural History

    dotMyrmecology - the science about ants. Includes general information about foraging, colony founding, and more.

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