for the Carleton Players' productions of

The Birthday Party

In a dilapidated seaside boarding house, a disheveled layabout named Stanley, who claims to have been a gifted musician, lives aimlessly but contently--until the arrival of two mysterious figures.  Their intentions are vague but subtly threatening and Stanley fears he is a marked man.  Things come to a head at a birthday party that is organized for Stanley over his emphatic protests that it isn't his birthday.
Written by Harold Pinter - Directed by David McCandless
Performance Dates: February 10-13, at 8 p.m.
Persons wishing to audition must sign up in advance for a 15 min. time slot.
The Sign-up Sheet will be posted on the bulletin board just inside the Arena Theater doors closest to the Modern Language Center building. Please try to sign up with another person.

 Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is an inventive and entertaining look at sexual repression and sexual role conditioning.  The first act takes place in Africa during Victorian times, suggesting the parallel between colonial and sexual repression.  The second act is set in London in 1979--in the changing sexuality of that time.  The characters, who have aged only twenty-five years, are caught in the sexual mores of that time.  With Cloud Nine Churchill points out that patterns repeat themselves, men suffer as well as women, and out identities are warped by conforming to "unnatural norms."
Written by Caryl Churchill - Directed by Ruth Weiner
Performance Dates: Feb. 24-26, at 8 p.m.
No advance sign-ups are required.  Check in and you will be given an audition slot.  Please come prepared to read short excerpts from the play.
Audition times for both productions are:
Wednesday, Jan. 6 from 7:00-10:00 PM
Thursday, Jan. 7 from 7:00-10:00 PM
in the Arena Theater for Cloud 9 and in
the Green Room for The Birthday Party

Everyone is welcome to come and try out for both production.  Anyone interested in Assistant Directing, Stage Managing and/or working on the production in a technical capacity is also invited to come by.
Call Ruth Weiner x4440 or David McCandless x4470 for additional information.
Scripts will be available on closed reserve in the library under Players.