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"I am here to inform these modern times of the grammatical era's end
and the beginning of flamboyance especially in cinema." -- Joseph Balsam in Weekend


weekend_2.jpg (7531 bytes)A brutally satirical film somewhat reminiscent of the works of Luis Bunuel, this was Jean-Luc Godard's most ambitious and vociferous "revolutionary" movie before he retired to the shelter of the Dziga-Vertov group. It's full of funny anti-bourgeois set pieces including one of the great sequences in all cinema: a full reel, ten-minute tracking shot that proceeds with a stately pace past a very, very long line of stalled automobiles on a French country highway lined with poplars.

This mind boggling film stacks analogy upon analogy and allegory upon allegory with hallucinatory fervor in an episodic odyssey of an weekend_3.jpg (10745 bytes)unpleasant upper-class Parisian pair out for a weekend trip to visit the wife's mother. Opening with a psychiatric-session monologue by the delicate Corinne (Mireille Darc), clad only in panties and perched first on a desk, then on a refrigerator as she hesitantly describes a sexual encounter involving an egg and an orifice, the movie quickly moves to the carnage of the roadways during a sunny weekend. A bumper-to-bumper carnival of cars ensues, honking, careening, crashing, overturning, and burning along with their grotesque occupants as Corinne and Roland (Jean Yanne) proceed on their trip. Along the way social values regarding sex, consumerism, and family are explored in myriad surreal ways. The final result can be viewed as a darkly funny vision of Hell that culminates in one possible brave new world. One of the essential films of the 1960s.

    -- capsule taken in part from iGuide Review

Weekend [Le week-end] - Details

Made in: 1967
Genre: Drama
Filmed in: Color
Language: French
Length: 105min

Mireille Darc
Jean Yanne
Daniel Pommereulle
Jean-Pierre Léaud
Virginie Vignon
Georges Staquet
Juliet Berto
Blandine Jeanson
Yves Afonso

Joseph Balsamo
Saint-Just/Man in Phone Booth
Tractor Driver
Woman in Car Crash
Emily Bronte/Girl in Farmyard
Tom Thumb

Directed by: Jean-Luc Godard
Writing credits: Jean-Luc Godard
Music by: Guy Béart & Antoine Duhamel
Cinematography by: Raoul Coutard
Film Editing by: Agnès Guillemot