Rainier Wolfcastle

Rainier Wolfcastle is probably better known by his screen name, McBain. His character is reminiscent of a Hollywood action hero. The blood and gore in the film clips that have been shown on "The Simpsons" are pretty much an overkill. The McBain films always involve Wolfcastle playing the hero in some kind of sceme to single-handedly save the world from power-hungry villans. This always involves intense action and many bullets being fired (none of which strike McBain, of course). In these highly predictable movies, Wolfcastle is simply giving the general public what they want to see. They are attracted to the film because of its high-flying action and extreme violence. Wolfcastle himself resembles the real-life Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger. To say that both actors are large would be an understatement. Their shear size automatically adds to their image. They both even speak with heavy European accents. I have provided a picture of each below, and the similarities cannot be denied.

The match game

Below, I have provided a sound clip that demonstrates Wolfcastle's acting ability. Enjoy.


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