The soundtrack combined the talents of many low-key rockers of the day, as well as a excellent underlying score by Vince DiCola. The tracks are head lined by two rock-ballads by Stan Bush, The Touch and Dare. These up lifting cuts are contrasted by the harder rock style of Spectre General in a very effective way. DiCola's score is emoitional, and very heart felt, particularily at the time of Optimus Prime's death. A moment I, as well as ever other child of the 80's, remembers well.

I have provided the soundtrack in MPEG 3 (mp3) format. This allows for CD quality. First you must download a mp3 player for your OS. You can do this at mp3.com. After you have the player simply download the songs and open them with the player. If when you try to download the songs they show up as seemingly garbled text, wait for your browser to say the file is down and save them using the "save as" command.

It is illegal to own a mp3 of a song unless you have purchased a recording of that song. For this reason, I ask if you download a song delete it with in 24 hours (the law states the item in question must be in your pocession for 24 hours for ownership to occur). However, if you like the songs you can still purchase the soundtrack. I found my copy at a local record store. It is available online at The CD Connection and Amazon.com.

-01-The Touch- Stan Bush
-02-Instruments of Destruction- N.R.G.
-03-Death of Optimus Prime- Vince DiCola
-04-Dare- Stan Bush
-05-Nothins Gonna Stand in our Way- Spectre General
-06-The Transformers Theme- Lion
-07-Escape- Vince DiCola
-08-Hunger- Spectre General
-09-Autobot/Decepticon Battle- Vince DiCola
-10-Dare to be Stupid- "Weird Al" Yankovic