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The Concentration in French & Francophone Studies

This concentration unites a diversity of disciplinary approaches to France while extending the notion of French Studies beyond the specific territorial and linguistic boundaries of France and Parisian French. Relying on a solid language training, courses offered in French literature of France, Francophone literature of Africa and the Caribbean, film studies, social, political history, art history and economics, will afford a synthetic view of the evolution and impact of French cultural institutions. The majors most organically connected with French Studies are French, history, anthropology, art history and political science, although students majoring in other disciplines may also concentrate in French Studies.

The following are the requirements of the concentration:


  • Senior Seminar: FREN 395: Interdisciplinary Seminar in French or Francophone History, Culture or Literature. For 1999-2000: Writing and Identity (in French) or Revolutions of Paris (in English)

    For courses other than those in the French department, students will be expected to do source reading in French, but papers and exams will be written in English. Check with the Coordinator for other on or off-campus courses that may count for the concentration.



    The Major in French & Francophone Studies


    The following are the requirements of this major:

    1. Language competence. Prerequisite: French 204.
    2. French 243 or French 249.
    3. History 181 or History 340.
    4. Four literature courses, 2 of which must be at the 300-level.
    5. Three elective courses appropriate for the major.
    6. One capstone seminar.
    7. Comprehensive exercise.

    Total credits: 69 credits.

    Study Abroad: Study in a Carleton Off-Campus or non-Carleton program in a French-speaking country is strongly recommended.



    Explanation of requirements:

    1. Language competence: In order to handle the sophisticated materials in French covered in our departmental courses and in order to be able to conduct research in French, where appropriate, in the courses offered outside the French section, it is highly recommended that students take French language classes above the 204-level.


    2. French 243 or 249: These interdisciplinary courses will serve to introduce students to a variety of topics and techniques relevant to cultural studies.
      • French 243: From Camembert to French Kiss: Interpreting French Culture.
      • French 249 (offered on the Paris program): Paris from the Literary Imagination to the Streets.


    3. History 181 (African History) or 340 (French History): Students will be able to choose between these two history courses (although both are strongly recommended), based upon their primary interest in either French or Francophone studies. This requirement reflects the importance of historical grounding that was previously recognized in the organization of the Concentration.
      • History 181: West African Societies in Historical Perspective.
      • History 340: France in Revolution, 1750-1870.


    4. Four literature courses: Since our literature courses adopt an interdisciplinary approach, students can complement their learning in other disciplines through the literature offerings of the French section. We insist on two courses at the 300-level, because we find that the complex issues raised by the intersection of history, politics, and socio-cultural perspectives can best be explored by students who have a solid background in both language and literary studies.


    5. Three elective courses: Students may choose from any of the courses included in the Concentration description, or any course appropriate for the major.
      • Sociology/Anthropology 256: Ethnography of Africa
      • Political Science 255: Post-Modern Political Thought
      • Philosophy 322: Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy
      • Art and Art History 242: Impressionism
      • History 231: High Middle Ages


    6. One capstone seminar: This 300-level course is an advanced interdisciplinary seminar focused on a particular topic and the methodology used for its study. It will be taught in French or English.
      • French 395: Revolutions of Paris: Topics in Modern French History and Literature


    7. Comprehensive exercise:
      I. French 398 and 399: Seminar and Essay (required)
      • A seminar focusing on the planning, preparation, and completion of a significant paper in French or French Studies under the supervision of two advisors: one from the French section (the designated comps czar) and one from another discipline. This exercise will normally be written in French. 3 credits each term. Fall, Winter (registration for both terms required).

      II. French 400: Integrative exercise: Senior Colloquium

      • A colloquium in which seniors (French and French Studies majors) will defend their senior papers and discuss the essays of others. 3 credits. Spring.



    The coordinator of the French and Francophone Studies Concentration and Major is Professor Éva Pósfay .

    If you have any questions that you would like to be answered by a French & Francophone Studies major, contact Peter Everett.

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