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Biology of Invertebrates 232

This page serves as a link to major biological servers that deal with Invertebrate Biology.

If you are new to the World Wide Web, everything that is blue and underlined can be used to connect to sites around the world. All you have to do is point your cursor on the word(s) and single click.

This page is quite lengthy right now, so take some time to look through it and decide what serves as good resources and what doesn't and e-mail your lab instructor with your thoughts.

Table of Contents

WWW sites dealing with pests

Insect information from different countries

Government servers dealing with insects


  • California Academy of Sciences (includes some images of their research collections)
  • Colorado State's Entomology WWW server
  • Ohio State University Insect Collection
  • Tree of Life: a Phylogenetic Browser for WWW


    Marine Biology

    Gopher and WWW: Publications

    Images of Insects and Related Arthropods

    Here's a link to useful biological servers around the world.
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