Biology 380 and 382

Fall 1998

Biochemistry and Biochemistry Lab

John Tymoczko

Office Hours: Hulings 313, x4382, 663-1834

Monday 1:50-3:00

Tuesday 9:50-11:00

Thursday 9:50-11:00


Olin 149 11:10- 12:20 MW; 12:00 -1:00F



Hulings 203

Wednesday 2:00 --

Thursday 1:30 --



Biochemistry (4th edition)

Companion to Biochemistry

Lubert Stryer

Gumport et al.


The next lecture topic will be "Enzymes". Exploring Proteins will be covered in lab with a series of videos the week of September 14. People not in lab are invited to these sessions. Otherwise, read Stryer. Also, I will place the movies on reserve.