The staff survey analysis section of the report provides an inventory of curricular support available. Curricular support is narrowly defined as “resources and assistance made available to students that facilitate their completion of assignments” and included helping students to find, access, create, interpret, or present materials for assignments. The report includes responses to this survey germane to supporting curricular uses of visual materials. The survey, included in Appendix B, is designed to inventory all forms of curricular support at the College.

Range of Staff Providing Curricular Support:

The staff survey employs a particularly focused definition of curricular support and, while well suited to this research project, functions to result in a conservative estimate of the curricular support available at the College. Even using this restrictive definition, almost half of staff respondents report providing curricular support. These staff members come from every organizational division of the College. The diverse sources of support underscore the importance of engaging in campus-wide conversations about curricular support. (Staff Survey Analysis, p. 91-92)

 Coordinating Support With Faculty Members or Providing it Directly to Students:

…Almost half of the staff members who reported providing curricular support reported doing so exclusively in either a direct or coordinated fashion. It is unclear whether or not there is an ideal approach in terms of coordinating efforts with faculty members or of staff members working in a more autonomous fashion. The ideal form of delivery may vary with the type of curricular support or resources in question and the degree to which there are accepted practices in a given mode of expression or in using a resource type. (Staff Survey Analysis, p. 92)

  A full version of the study is freely available online.