We’re excited to meet and work with you over the summer. Meet the team who will be running CUBE and providing support. Feel free to contact the CUBE Director, Lin Winton, with questions.


Photo of Lin Winton
Lin Winton Bio
Director of the Quantitative Resource Center & Lecturer in Biology
Lecturer in Biology
Phone: 507 222 4723

Lin is the director of the Quantitative Resource Center, a faculty member in the biology department, and the instructor for CUBE. She is excited to get to know members of the Class of 2024 before they arrive on campus in September. Feel free to contact Lin by e-mail or by phone if you want to chat about any aspect of the program.

Faculty & Staff

Photo of Marty Baylor
Marty Baylor Bio
Chair of Physics and Astronomy
Professor of Physics
Off Campus: Fall 2023, Winter 2024, Spring 2024
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Melissa Eblen-Zayas Bio
Professor of Physics
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Daniel Hernández Bio
Chair of Biology
Professor of Biology
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Julia Strand Bio
Associate Professor of Psychology
Chair of Psychology
Photo of Aaron Swoboda
Aaron Swoboda ’01 Bio
Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Economics
Director of Environmental Studies
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Solita Tullo
Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Quantitative Resource Center
Assistant to the Director of the Language Center


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Taia Bush ’24

Hello! My name is Taia Bush, I use they/them pronouns, am from Houston, Texas and I’m a sophomore on campus majoring in Africana Studies and Sociology/Anthropology. At Carleton, I am an RA currently, am involved in POSSE, CarlsAct (currently running for BSA President and CSA CEDI Liaison) and will be a CLAE mentor over the summer — I am happy to talk and answer any questions you might have about any one of these, send me an email! I love dancing, singing, fashion, writing and nature walks!

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Layevska Jimenez-Hernandez ’25

Hi! My name is Layevska Jimenez-Hernandez (she/her/hers), I’m from Los Angles, California, and Class of 2025! Currently, I am a perspective Cognitive Science major and perspective Neuroscience minor, feel free to ask me questions about my major and minor paths! On campus, I play Softball and Volleyball, and am also part of TRIO and Focus. In my free time, I am a HUGE bookworm and love to read,  make linoleum carvings, and play sports and cards! I look forward to meeting you this summer!

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Jemsy Mathew ’25

Hello! My name is Jemsy (she/her/hers), I’m from Carrollton, Texas and am a first year student, Class of 2025! Currently, I am a prospective Biology or Chemistry major. On campus, I’m involved in Carleton’s Pre-health Association, FOCUS, QuestBridge, and the Food Recovery Network! I love sewing, practicing karate, learning Arabic, and watching movies!


I am very thrilled to be a CUBE coach and look forward to meeting you!

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Mimi Rapoport ’24

Hello! My name is Mimi Rapoport, and I’m a sophomore math major and cognitive science minor. I love books, music and exploring cities — especially NYC which is where I am from. At Carleton I am involved with FOCUS, QuestBridge, GeMMS, Writer’s Circle, and CARS. I was in CUBE two years ago, and I’m really excited to be a CUBE coach this time around!