Director: Éva Pósfay

Committee Members (faculty): David Tompkins, Stacy Beckwith, Scott Carpenter, Noboru Tomonari, Stephanie Cox, Éva Pósfay, Ken Abrams, Luciano Battaglini.

The Cross-Cultural Studies minor helps international and U.S. students compare regional and global dynamics. Courses are designed for students who are studying a specific area of the world or a field with an international focus. The program gives students a broad, cross-cultural perspective on their area of interest.

The objectives of this minor are:

  • To enable students to come to a sharper understanding of their own and other societies by making comparisons explicit.
  • To increase students’ intercultural competencies and produce graduates who are able to participate in a global society and work in an increasingly multicultural and global workforce.
  • To provide a forum for studying problems and issues such as pollution, disease, and human rights that cut across traditional national or cultural boundaries and that tend to be excluded in traditional disciplines or area studies.
  • To create an arena for faculty whose work focuses on different parts of the world to address common issues and problems in a comparative, collaborative framework.